Apr 23

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-favorite word

-boredom killer

-turn on


-thinking about self

Apr 22

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I always feel responsible for everything that happens around me. if anyone I like feels bad I feel like its my fault and I should have tried (harder) to protect this person from feeling bad. I think its always been this way. I don’t want to disappoint anyone so I always put a lot of pressure on myself to get everything done. as well i am also a perfectionist so I can’t stand giving aways even small jobs. i want to do it all on my own in fear someone else would to it worse. at some point i am always overwhelmed with everything and then get really disappointed if i can’t do my jobs perfect anymore. i always feel responsible for everything that happens around me.

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Apr 21

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gentleman / gentlewomen

am I the onliest to get embarrassed by a man opens a door for me? I don’t feel like its a common in germany anymore. I only met a view guys who do that and I’m so used to open the door for myself as well as for other people, no matter what sex, that I feel really uncomfortable if a guy opens a door and waits for me to pass it before passing it. I don’t get, why men have to open the door for the ladies. its just a nice act but its the same with bringing flowers. can I now open doors or bring flowers?


Apr 20

strangers on public transport

whenever I see someone beautiful on public transport I stare at them and when they look back I smile because whenever someone randomly smiles at me, I think about it for a long time and it makes me feel good. 

but then again there are those weirdos who look at me like I was an alien just because my hair is different colored. whenever someone is staring at me like i would gross them out I just smile and look right in their eyes or look at them in the same way they look at me or, on really good days I ask if I could help them somehow. the face when the alien comes over and talks to them is priceless.

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Apr 18


blown kisses

sibling kisses

lovers kisses

parent kisses

pet kisses

friend kisses

stuffed animal kisses

collection of kisses I give and like

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I am leaving to italy tomorrow. will be back around next saturday.

left some posts on the waiting list but don’t be mad at me if theres not too much activity within the next week.

no internet, no phone

its gonna be great but I will miss manu

Apr 17

I just got home from passau where I visited my (now) boyfriend. It’s a nice small city and I like that you randomly meet people on the street. I always lived in a somewhat big city and you barely meet anyone you know.

But I’m actually good at meeting people randomly. Last time I went to berlin, I knew that two girls from my school were gonna be there as well and I bumped into them on my first day.

Apr 16


Apr 15

creepin all day

creepin all day