Apr 18


blown kisses

sibling kisses

lovers kisses

parent kisses

pet kisses

friend kisses

stuffed animal kisses

collection of kisses I give and like

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I am leaving to italy tomorrow. will be back around next saturday.

left some posts on the waiting list but don’t be mad at me if theres not too much activity within the next week.

no internet, no phone

its gonna be great but I will miss manu

Apr 17

I just got home from passau where I visited my (now) boyfriend. It’s a nice small city and I like that you randomly meet people on the street. I always lived in a somewhat big city and you barely meet anyone you know.

But I’m actually good at meeting people randomly. Last time I went to berlin, I knew that two girls from my school were gonna be there as well and I bumped into them on my first day.

Apr 16


Apr 15

creepin all day

creepin all day



My dad was just fighting with someone on the phone really loud and aggressive, it scared me.

We went to see a concert of some guys from Lillis school. One of them looked like Jesus and wore a really cool glitter thing that made him look like Bowie. We asked him if he might wants to be our friend and he said yes so we’re friends now with Berk. I think Berk is a cool name.

Apr 14

Manu (allisdust on tumblr) came here for the weekend and it was really nice and fun. I want him to stay here everyday because I sleep way better when theres someone around I like.

I just got home from Sorayas and my hair is blue/grey/violett now.

It looks like night sky.

She also dyed my eyebrows and lashes and I look like 5 years older.

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Apr 13

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